Anna Acts as a 24/7 Indoor Sales Admin, Revolutionizing Order Management for Eastern Harvest Foods (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Anna Acts as a 24/7 Indoor Sales Admin, Revolutionizing Order Management for Eastern Harvest Foods (Singapore) Pte Ltd

01 March 2024

MEVO is excited to announce that its AI-powered B2B solution, MEVO Anna, is now acting like a 24/7 indoor sales administrator for Eastern Harvest Foods (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a top distributor of frozen foods in Singapore. This innovative partnership showcases the groundbreaking role of MEVO Anna in automating and revolutionizing the order capturing and processing operations for Eastern Harvest Foods, serving more than 700 F&B outlets.

Before MEVO’s intervention, Eastern Harvest Foods grappled with the challenges of manually managing orders, a process that was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, negatively impacting service quality and operational efficiency. The introduction of MEVO Anna has been a game-changer, automating these processes with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, thus marking a significant transformation in their operations.

MEVO Anna’s deployment has been transformative for Eastern Harvest Foods. Its sophisticated AI capabilities have adeptly adjusted to the diverse ordering patterns of a vast clientele, streamlining operations and significantly enhancing service delivery. This improvement in operational efficiency is critical for maintaining Eastern Harvest Foods’ edge in the competitive Singaporean frozen food distribution market.

The scalability of MEVO Anna deserves special mention. As Eastern Harvest Foods continues to grow its customer base, MEVO Anna has dynamically scaled its capabilities to efficiently manage the increased volume of orders. This flexibility has been crucial in facilitating the expansion of Eastern Harvest Foods, ensuring the company maintains its reputation for excellence and reliability.

Derek Cheng, the head of Eastern Harvest Foods, has expressed immense satisfaction with the benefits brought by MEVO Anna. “MEVO Anna has not only optimized our order processing but has also significantly strengthened the trust and reliability our clients place in us. It has become an indispensable partner in our quest for operational excellence,” Cheng remarked.

MEVO is proud of the significant impact MEVO Anna has made on Eastern Harvest Foods, affirming our commitment to promoting success and operational excellence for our clients.

About MEVO:
MEVO stands at the forefront of AI technology, specializing in the development of B2B solutions that automate and enhance business processes. Our goal is to empower businesses to achieve greater operational efficiency and reliability through innovative technology.

About Eastern Harvest Foods (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Eastern Harvest Foods (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a leading distributor of frozen foods in Singapore, renowned for its dedication to quality and service. Serving an extensive network of F&B outlets across the region, Eastern Harvest Foods is recognized as a leader in the food distribution industry, offering a diverse range of high-quality frozen products to meet the varied needs of its customers.

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