Consumer Goods & Beverages

Consumer Goods & Beverages

Optimize order fulfillment processes for faster delivery on time at the lowest costs


Customers’ order capturing and last mile delivery are the biggest costs (up to 60%) for consumer goods and beverage distribution. It is almost the most challenging aspects of the distribution processes.

Challenges in distribution faced by the industry:

Inefficient delivery route planning based on area fencing

Rising cost in labor, vehicles & fuel

Difficulty in hiring experienced drivers and field salesmen

Ineffective orders capturing resulting in loss sales

Lack of visibility to measure working hours of drivers and field salesmen

MEVO’s solutions are developed to help consumer goods and beverage companies deliver the right products faster and cheaper by providing the following benefits:

Streamline Orders Capturing

Up to 80%

Increase Delivery Efficiency

Up to 40%

Increase Working Hours

Up to 30%

Reduce Training Time

Up to 90%

Reduce Fuel Cost

Up to 30%

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