Chun Hong Food Industries Pte Ltd Embraces the Future with MEVO Anna’s AI-Powered B2B Solution, Achieving More Than 80% Customer Adoption

Chun Hong Food Industries Pte Ltd Embraces the Future with MEVO Anna’s AI-Powered B2B Solution, Achieving More Than 80% Customer Adoption

20th Oct 2023

In an exemplary collaboration that bridges the gap between cutting-edge AI technology and the F&B sector, MEVO Anna has partnered with Chun Hong Food Industries Pte Ltd to introduce a transformative AI-powered B2B solution. This groundbreaking system has automated the order capturing process for Chun Hong, driving a significant 80% adoption rate amongst its F&B retail clientele and shifting operations from manual to fully automated.

Chun Hong Food Industries, ever eager to innovate and enhance its services, recognized the limitations of manual order processing. Enter MEVO Anna, with its state-of-the-art AI-driven B2B solution tailored specifically for the complexities and demands of the F&B sector.

“We’ve always been at the forefront of innovation, seeking efficient ways to serve our customers better. With MEVO Anna’s AI solution, we’ve transformed our order capturing process, improving accuracy and efficiency manifold,” shared Mr. Dino Lim, Managing Director of Chun Hong Food Industries Pte Ltd.

Key features and benefits of the solution include:

1. Streamline Operations: Automation has dramatically reduced manual touchpoints in our order capturing process, ensuring swift and efficient service to our clients;
2. Enhance Accuracy: With MEVO’s sophisticated technology, the risk of human error has been minimized, leading to accurate and consistent order capturing;
3. Improve Customer Satisfaction: As a direct consequence of increased efficiency and accuracy, our customers (F&B outlets) have reported heightened satisfaction due to timely and error-free deliveries.

The 80% adoption rate stands as a testament to the system’s efficacy and user-friendliness. F&B retailers are now better equipped to place their orders, and Chun Hong can fulfil them with unparalleled accuracy.

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for both enterprises, showcasing the vast capabilities of AI integration in traditional sectors.

About MEVO Anna:
MEVO Anna is a pioneer in offering AI-powered B2B solution for wholesalers’ ordering capturing, driving business efficiency, and growth. Their commitment to harnessing the power of AI to cater to industry-specific needs has positioned them as one of the leading companies in innovative technological solutions.

About Chun Hong Food Industries Pte Ltd:
With a reputation for excellence, Chun Hong Food Industries Pte Ltd stands tall in the F&B sector, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and outstanding customer service across Singapore.

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