Integrating Route Optimization, Real-time Tracking and Proof of Delivery into one total system to provide the following business benefits for wholesalers:

Deliver more using less vehicles

Save time and petrol with 36% shorter routes

Real-time tracking of delivery status

Reduce orientation time for new driver

Key Features


A proven algorithm to auto compute the optimal delivery routes based on delivery times, van capacity and distance that is pushed to the drivers’ smartphones with real-time traffic navigation and rerouting capability to handle any ad hoc situations.

Real Time

Delivery status, customers’ onsite duration and drivers’ current locations are tracked real-time for better management and control.

Proof of

Proof of delivery transactions are GPS location and time stamped with customers’ locations to ensure completion of task.


Thousands of delivery orders can be seamlessly pulled from any ERP, CRM, WMS or TMS to our route optimization engine which will compute the most optimal routes to be pushed to the drivers’ smartphones for delivery execution.