Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Optimize last mile delivery to deliver on time at the lowest costs


The last-mile delivery, also known as ‘the moment that matters’, is the movement of goods from the hub (fulfillment center) to the final destination (customer). It is the final leg of the entire supply chain of the good before it reaches the customer.


Since it is the final touch point in the customer’s journey with the company, it becomes extremely important to delight the customer during the moment that matters to build customer loyalty.

The last mile delivery involves around 30% of the total logistics cost and there are many challenges faced by transportation and logistics industry:

Inefficient delivery route planning based on area fencing

Rising cost in labor, vehicles & fuel

High costs of small volume B2C deliveries

Difficulty in hiring experienced drivers

Lack of visibility to measure working hours of drivers

MEVO’s solutions are developed to help transportation and logistics companies optimize the last mile delivery by providing the following benefits:

Increase Delivery Efficiency

Up to 40%

Increase On-Time Delivery

Up to 30%

Increase Working Hours

Up to 30%

Reduce Training Time

Up to 90%

Reduce Fuel Cost

Up to 30%

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