SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approved Solution

(Enhanced ISPRINT, up to 70% funding)

Details of Packaged Solution Offerings

Company Name MEVO Pte Ltd
Software & Version Number MEVO DMS Version 8.3
Enrolment Period 1 Jan 2018 to 31 December 2018
Typical Offerings of the Packaged Solution

Unit Cost



(per manday / device / license)




(1) Standard (Minimum items to be purchased)
Software Fees
a) Choose one of the below MEVO Mobile License type: $1,500 per license 1 $1,500
(i) MEVO Pre-Sales; AND/OR  
(ii) MEVO Van-Sales; AND/OR  
(iii) MEVO Merchandising; AND/OR  
(iv) MEVO Point of Delivery  
b) MEVO Management Console $5,000 per license 1 $5,000
Professional Services
a) Project planning and initiation $1,000 per manday 1 $1,000
b) System Configuration $1,000 per manday 2 $2,000
c) System Installation $1,000 per manday 2 $2,000
d) Data conversion $1,000 per manday 3 $3,000
e) System commissioning and testing $1,000 per manday 2 $2,000
Training $1,000 per manday 3 $3,000
Total Standard Package Cost $19,500



(2) Optional Items
(Optional items to complement the Standard Packaged Solution Offering. IMDA reserves the right NOT to provide funding support for these items)
Additional Software Fees
MEVO Mobile License $1,500 per license 1 $1,500
Professional Services / Training
Integration with ERP System $1,000 per manday 1 $1,000
Additional Hardware
a) Rugged Smartphone $1,900 per device 1 $1,900
b) Non-rugged Smartphone $500 per device 1 $500
c) Rugged Mobile Priinter $1,200 per device 1 $1,200

Important Notes

  1. Grant cap per packaged solution per Participating SME per Site – capped at S$20,000
  2. Grant amount will exclude any rebates, discounts, incentives or gifts provided to the Participating SME
  3. Grant support assumes no rebates, discounts, incentives or gifts given to the Participating SME
  4. Grant support is computed based on pricing and/or man-days submitted to IMDA which will be moderated if there is a variation in pricing and/or man-days.


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