Our Expertise

We specialize in optimizing field services


A proven algorithm to compute the optimal delivery route based on delivery times, van capacity and distance that is pushed to the drivers’ smartphones with real-time traffic navigation and rerouting capability to handle any ad hoc situations.


Geospatial analytics capability to help any businesses measure working hours of any field services resources e.g. drivers, merchandisers, salesman, technicians etc


Developed in native language coupled with a proven internal architecture, our high-speed software allow any work transactions to be completed rapidly in a fast pace environment.


An intelligent data mining capability that will assist field sales personnel to sell to customer the right products at the right prices without missing a sales opportunities.

Our Customers

ayam brand
new moon
qian hu
gold roast
kong guan

News & Announcements

October 2013 MEVO was 1 of 11 exclusive exhibitors invited to participate in the Inclusive Growth Symposium, organised by e2i in October 2013. The Inclusive Growth Programme was set up to benefit over 53,000 workers in Singapore. The programme falls under NTUC’s Employment and Employability......

19th July 2016 Ayam Brand is a prepared food company based in Singapore with more than 120 years of history. Ayam produces over 60 million cans of food annually and employs around 1,000 persons. Its main products are canned fish (sardines, mackerel, tuna), Asian ingredients......

16th Oct 2017 Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who need more advanced help can get it with the opening of the SME Digital Tech Hub in the third quarter of 2017. Advisers at the new center will help SMEs identify appropriate solutions and guide them......

13th Mar 2019 MEVO FMS (Fleet Management System) 8.3 is built for wholesalers to better manage and monitor their in-house delivery drivers. It incorporates a proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can auto measure customers’ delivery time and duration. It also allows drivers to create proof......